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Long Coat & Smooth Coat

Stella Artois (Stella) 
Smooth Coat
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Sangarita (Rita)
Long Coat
Jose' Cuervo (Jose') 
Long Coat
Chihuahuas come in a huge variety of coat colors and patterns. The AKC official standards accept any color and pattern. Color and pattern preferences among breeders and Chihuahua lovers abound and for each preference, there is a Chihuahua in that color. But, some of them may be very difficult to find. From top to bottom, these are the rarest colors you’ll find in a Chihuahua.
  • *Merle
  • *Brindle
  • *Lavender or Lilac
  • *Pure White

The merle Chihuahua is not a color but rather a coat pattern. They are not easy to find. One reason they are rare is that a breeder has to know what they are doing to produce a healthy merle.

The brindle Chihuahua is also not a color but a pattern. The brindle Chihuahua is just like the merle, they are difficult to find.
Brindle is a pattern sometimes referred to as tiger-striped. The brindle pattern is not rare in some other breeds such as Boxer, Great Dane, English Mastiff, Boston terrier, but is for the Chihuahua.

Lavender or Lilac
Lavender or Lilac color is diluted chocolate. This creates a color known as “lavender” in Chihuahuas. The lavender color is difficult to breed because it is hard to reproduce. Even if you mate two lavender dogs you may not get lavender puppies. One of the mates must have the diluting “d” gene as seen in blues. It is referred to as lavender or lilac because of the purplish tint to the diluted chocolate color.

Pure White Chihuahua
The pure white Chihuahua is the rarest color of all. Why is the pure white Chihuahua so rare? To have a truly all-white Chihuahua you must breed two pure white Chihuahuas. 
Sometimes the cream Chihuahua is confused with an all-white Chihuahua. This does not mean that they are albino either.

Lunarita (Luna)
Smooth Coat
Bing (Bing) 
 Long Coat
Hector Macho (Hector)
Smooth Coat

Peaches N Cream (Peaches)
Smooth Coat
 Madame Lily (Lily)
 Smooth Coat