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Maplewoods Golden Retrievers
                                                                Golden Retriever Info

There are few breeds as gentle, affectionate, playful, eager to please, and devoted as the golden retriever. These sweet dogs like people and other animals and are ideal playmates for children. They crave attention and always want to be with their owners. 

Goldens generally do very well in obedience training, which should be started early, although some dogs may be easily distracted. Gentle, positive reinforcement is all that's needed. 

Goldens may bark when a stranger comes to the door but more often as a greeting rather than as a warning. A fenced yard is essential--goldens tend to follow their noses and wander. 

These dogs can live in the city as long as they are exercised daily and given a lot of attention. The golden competes successfully in agility, Flyball, tracking, and obedience; excels in narcotics detection and search and rescue; and is regularly chosen to work as a therapy dog as well as with the physically challenged and visually impaired. 

Appearance: The outer coat is dense, shiny, wavy or flat, and water-repellent; the undercoat is dense and waterproof. 

Feathering is heavy on the front of the neck, back of the thighs, and underside of the tail, and moderate on the back of the front legs and the underbody. Color is various shades of rich, lustrous gold. 

Grooming & Exercise Needs: Goldens shed a lot and need to be brushed and combed a few times a week. 
They are happiest when they are taken on several brisk daily walks and are given the opportunity to play with other dogs. Fetching Frisbees or balls and swimming are favorite activities. 

Origins: Developed in England and Scotland in the 19th century, the golden retriever resulted from the breeding of a Newfoundland-derived yellow retriever with the Tweed water spaniel and the occasional out-crossing of this new dog with the Irish setter, bloodhound, and other water spaniels. 

The advent of the breech-loading shotgun enabled hunters to down enormous quantities of ducks, and a large-bodied dog was needed to both locate and retrieve game. Until the golden retriever's arrival, setters and pointers located the game, and spaniels flushed and retrieved. 

Height: 21.5-24 inches

Weight: 55-75 lbs. 

Life Span: 12-14 yrs. 

Breed Group: Sporting Dogs 
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                  1997 - 2010
Kelly's Sir Golden Man Kato
Tara and service dog Wilber
           (6 months old.)

Wilber at work at Ruby Memorial Hospital.

                  1995 - 2006
Kelly's Lady Golden Summer
Happy Tails

Permit #8
Newest members of the Service Dog Team.
Congratulations Summer & Libra. 
Way to go!!
Libra working at school.
Ziva is an import from Hungary with a long line of Champions. She has beautiful conformation and a personality to match! She is extremely loving and gentle. She stands and walks beside you so easy & gentle you don't even know she is there.

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Barney is fun and playful but gentle with children. Great temperament and personality. He is a joy to have in our home and produces well tempered puppies we all love.
Daisy is the daughter of our beloved Katy and Max. She is so delightful to have around and adores children! She is super friendly and doesn't know a stranger. Always eager to be with people and loves to swim!