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You must e-mail us for exact information and agreement contract on each puppy. All puppies must be paid in full before they are picked-up.  We also accept credit cards and paypal.  (NOW OFFERING FINANCING)
We use a ground transport company Traveling Tails. Or you are welcome to pick your puppy up we prefer to meet you and your family in person.
The puppy is de-wormed with Strongid-T at 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks of age. It is weaned at 6 weeks and at that time gets a series of puppy shots -- Distemper, Hepatitus, Parvo Virus & Parainfluenza. They require a 2nd series of shots at 9 weeks old and again at 12 weeks old. A Rabies vaccine at 16 weeks and then after that vaccines are required on a yearly basis. Depending on the time of year the puppy may be started on Revolution a once month treatment for fleas and heartworms. It is also recommended that you take him/her to your vet as soon as possible to establish a good health care program.  
When you get your puppy it is guaranteed to be the puppy that you have received photos and information on.  The puppy is guaranteed to be healthy and inspected by the vet and comes with a current health certificate.  It is warranted against any life threatening genetic defects. The puppy is purchased as it is on the day of sale and guaranteed to be exactly as stated. If the puppy gets an injury or infection after it leaves our home it is not covered under this guarantee. Any claim of defects must by accompanied by a vet explanation and lab reports.
If you find that you want to sell the puppy after you have it I will assist in your doing that at no charge.
I am not responsible for any charges pertaining to any puppy or dog based on decisions made the buyer.  This means vet bills, medications, transportation, etc.  If you can not at anytime care for the puppy than I will take it back and place it in a pet home - however in cases like this there are no refunds promised -  any return monies would be in accordance to the final transaction. The puppy is never to be place in a pound or a humane society operation........   It always has a home to return to.
Deposit:  Any monies either as a deposit or payment in full or part will be returned to you if the puppy that you are purchasing can not be
sold due to a health problem or if something happens that the quality of the puppy changes from the time of payment and the time of pick-up. If I do not have a same quality puppy you may wait for a replacement or get your money refunded. If you place a deposit or payment on a puppy and then change your mind about getting it or go somewhere else and purchase a puppy -  The deposits are non-refundable. In all cases the deposit may be held as a credit to you and may be applied to another puppy at any time.  
Papers:  All puppies come with AKC registration papers when they are sold. If you are looking for just a pet than it will come with a LIMITED REGISTRATION. Which means you do not have breeding rights and are required to neuter or spay the dog.  Breeding rights may be acquired if discussed prior to purchase.
We breed and sale our puppies for family pets. We DO NOT sale to Breeders, Pet Stores or Brokers. We will NOT sale a puppy to someone that is going to tie it outside to a dog box. We want our puppies to be a cherished family member.

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We offer the Terrace Pets payment solution for customers who wish to pay over time for their purchase. All credit profiles are considered and welcome. Your application gets routed through the Terrace Finance network of lenders/lessors which works to find you a program compatible with your credit profile and needs.

***All Credit Profiles Considered


Your terms will be clearly explained based on the lender/lessor you are matched with before signing and with no obligation to accept!

Promotional rates may be available depending on your application and credit profile."

Finance Options and Ways to Pay Over Time

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